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Future generations will feel the impact of the choices we make today!

From the Cork Oak tree ...

Cork Tree

... To a

Judi Anne Creation

Cork Bag and Sunglasses


Cork fabric, also known as 'Nature's leather, is the ultimate eco-fabric with an impressive list of qualities.

It is:

  • 100% natural

  • made from a renewable source, the cork oak tree, and is fully recyclable

  • durable, lasting for about 20 years without signs of deterioration and is resilliant to scratches.

  • water and fire-resistant and flame retardant

  • insulating, hypoallergenic, stain resistant and dirt repellent.


There is an extensive process in the production of cork fabric that is incredibly conscious towards nature.

Cork is harvested by removing the bark from the cork oak trees that are native to the Mediterranean region. The trees are unharmed by this process and can provide a 'crop' of cork every nine years for as many as 300 years.

After the bark is harvested, it is stacked and air-dried in the open for six months. It is then boiled and steamed to make it more elastic. Heat and high pressure is used to press cork into thick blocks that are later sliced into thin sheets that can be made into a multitude of products. Nothing toxic is involved.



Cork fabric is soft to the touch and feather light. The grain form the cork bark also provides beautiful and unique patterns that enhance each piece. Natural dyes are used to produce a variety of gorgeous colours. Due to it's nature, cork skin is irregular and it's texture and tone are impossible to reproduce. Just like everything in nature, no two pieces of cork are exactly alike.

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