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I have always loved creating beautiful things.

My passion for designing and sewing has been a big part of my creative life for over 40 years. When I discovered that cork fabric, also known as vegan leather, is made without harming our precious planet, and that I could make beautiful, durable, and practical handbags, wallets & accessories from cork, there was no turning back!  

Judi Anne Fenton, Cork Creator & Artisan

Creating and making cork handbags excites me, challenges me and definitely fulfills me on many levels.

I enjoy every part of the process; from determining a new design for my collection, to seeing it through to completion.

I take great pleasure in working through the stages of personally handcrafting each piece in my studio. 

However, my greatest thrill is in sharing my work with you.

When I'm considering a new handbag design, first and foremost, I think about practicality. Every handbag has an important job to do.

And that job varies, depending on it's requirements.

Sometimes a large handbag is in order to carry everything for work, home and family. Alternatively, when out shopping or travelling the preference may be to carry just a few items safely in a small cross body handbag. Each and every piece in my collection has been carefully considered and constructed for it's practicality in a variety of circumstances. 

Beyond the practical stage of design, I love to play with colour, prints, solids, zippers, along with pretty, shiny hardware that dresses up each handbag in it's own unique way.

So, thank you for taking the time to read about my creative passion. And, thank you for considering the purchase of a handcrafted JUDI ANNE cork leather handbag. 

Judi Fenton

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